Paws Red Strap-on Traction Soles

  • Vinyl-loop design provides superior traction and added cushioning
  • Sole will not absorb or hold water
  • One size fits all convenience
  • Rinse and reuse
  • Made in the USA




Slips and falls on the same level are the second leading cause of all workplace injuries, with compensation and medical costs approximately $70 billion per year, accounting for almost 30% of all workers comp claims.

Provide yourself and your employees with appropriate footwear while stripping floors: PAWS.

Excellent Slip Resistance:
Vinyl-loop delivers excellent traction.
Super Durable:
Can be used over & over. Cleans easily.
Sole material doesn’t absorb or hold water.
Extra cushion takes some stress off your feet.
One-size fits all. No right / no left.:
Fits men’s and women’s shoe sizes.
Easy On / Easy Off:
Elastic strap design makes pulling Paws on and off quick and easy, yet holds soles firmly and comfortably in place.

PAWS product longevity varies depending on many different factors, including: type of chemical stripper, stripper versus water dilution, room size, length of use, and care during and after use. Note: PAWS are designed for use only during floor stripping.



Please read product care and use instructions upon purchasing.


PAWS full line detailing product features for each style. Please feel free to download for customers!


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