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Provide Slip-Prevention Traction Soles to your Customers!

PAWS Distributor Information

If you are selling janitorial/sanitary products into school systems, facility departments, or to business service contractors, PAWS traction soles are an easy add-on safety product to sell along with your chemical products, or other personal safety products!

Our products are a low cost, affordable slip-prevention shoe line that is needed during floor stripping! The different styles offer a range of cost points and durability, depending on your customer’s job size or needs.

PAWS traction soles are always in-stock during the season (March-August) and ready to ship within 2-5 business days. Product ships out of our manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, OH. 

If you have an interested customer, please reach out to discuss our free sampling program, which allows your accounts to try before they buy.

For more information, please reach out! 

Call or email our sales team at:

PAWS Stripping Shoes promise to our distributors:

  • Low cost, effective products for their customers
  • No minimums, paid freight options. No additional fee for drop-ship. 
  • Fast, domestic shipping out of Cincinnati, OH
  • Quick customer service