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PAWS Red Traction Sole Stripping Shoe

PAWS Red Traction Sole Stripping Shoe

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Slips and falls on the same level are the second leading cause of all workplace injuries, with compensation and medical costs approximately $70 billion per year, accounting for almost 30% of all workers comp claims.

Provide yourself and your employees with appropriate footwear while stripping floors: PAWS.

Excellent Slip Resistance:
Vinyl-loop delivers excellent traction.
Super Durable:
Can be used over & over. Cleans easily.
Sole material doesn’t absorb or hold water.
Extra cushion takes some stress off your feet.
2 size options to fit a wide range of shoe sizes. No right / no left:
Fits men’s and women’s shoe sizes.
Easy On / Easy Off:
Elastic strap design makes pulling Paws on and off quick and easy, yet holds soles firmly and comfortably in place.

PAWS product longevity varies depending on many different factors, including: type of chemical stripper, stripper versus water dilution, room size, length of use, and care during and after use. Note: PAWS are designed for use only during floor stripping.

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