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PAWS Rubber Stripping Boots

PAWS Rubber Stripping Boots

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PAWS Rubber Stripping Overshoes are the long lasting stripping shoe option!

PAWS Rubber Stripping Overshoes give full shoe coverage with super-stripper pads permanently attached to provide excellent traction. These low-profile heavy-duty rubber overshoes will keep your shoes dry and protect them from spills. Thoroughly rinse after each use.

Need to learn more? Take a few minutes to review the product sheets to better understand the features and benefits!

Slips and falls on the same level are the second leading cause of all workplace injuries, with compensation and medical costs approximately $70 billion per year, accounting for almost 30% of all workers comp claims.

PLEASE NOTE:The PAWS line varies in longevity depending on many different factors! Some of the factors that affect the usage include: type of chemical stripper, stripper versus water dilution, room size, length of use, and care during and after use. PAWS are designed for use only during floor stripping.

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